Wildflower Honey
100% Pure Unpasteurized Wildflower 
Honey from hives located in the 
Huntsville, and Bracebridge regions.

We are the beekeepers so that gives us complete control over the quality of the honey we gather.  Our staff of millions never lets us down!!!
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Creamed Wildflower Honey
100% pure beeswax that has been removed from our bee frame cappings by hand, melted, and triple filtered (it's an OLD family secret process that we'll NEVER tell!).  This ensures that impurities that have made their way into the wax have been removed (yucky stuff like bee bodies, grass, propolis, etc.) so the wax is clean and golden!  We use ONLY 100% cotton braided wicks to maintain an even flame that is clean burning - no lead wicks ever to pollute the air that you breath!!!
Handmade Beeswax Candles
We use our pure beeswax and add awesome amazing ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, pure/essential flavour oils to create  silky, lucious lip balms.  We use various shades of pure mica for our tinted lip balms - very popular!  

Flavours that you will love:  spearmint, fudge, cherry, wildberry, banana, melon, bubble gum, and honey.  We also have unflavoured!
Available Seasonally:
- Honey Comb:  available only at harvest time!  End of July and September.  Limited supply!  Once it's gone, it's gone!!

- Honey Butter:  a luxurious combination of pure, unsalted butter whipped with our wildflower honey and a touch of vanilla. Regular and Cinnamon are available only at the Summer Farmers' Markets.
Hint of Honey Soap:
Hand made in small batches with pure oils and hand cut, just like great-grandma used to make.  We use only herbal/medicinal ingredients, like dried peppermint leaves, lemon grass, dandelion, lavender, and calendula flowers that we crush ourselves.  These soaps look great and are beneficial to your body and senses!
Lip Balms
We've created the smoothest, silkiest creamed honey from an old family recipe.  Made by hand in small batches, it's still 100% Pure Unpasteurized Wildflower Honey.  Great for spreading on toast, fresh dinner rolls, or just eating straight out of the jar with a spoon!
Cinnamon Creamed Honey
A delicious combination of our handmade Creamed Honey infused and aged with pure cinnamon​.  Yum!!  The health benefits of eating unpasteurized honey with cinnamon were well-known in the past and have recently been making headlines.  Amazing on toast or oatmeal, added to tea or hot chocolate, drizzled over home-made tea biscuits, or simply on vanilla ice cream - amazing!
Mason Bee House Kits:
Become a backyard beekeeper of these amazing little pollinator bees that are naturally in our environment.  Our hand made wooden nesting houses are painted with eco-friendly paint and come with slide out trays that hold double nesting tubes to provide the bees with a safe and clean place to lay their eggs (that turn into cocoons).  Kit includes house, double tube system, winter storage box, and guide on set-up, choosing a location, cleaning of cocoons, winterizing, and preparation for a new season.  
Can't visit us in person and need an order shipped to you?  Contact us directly - but be warned...shipping honey in glass jars can be very expensive!

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