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Retail Partners



Falconridge Farms

705-645-7905  At various local farmers markets, Chef prepared honey sausages.

Morandin Fine Foods & Catering

705-764-8065.  At various local farmers markets.  Chef prepared meals.

Muskoka Natural Food Market

705-645-5471.  229 Manitoba Street.  Products:  liquid honey (several sizes).

The Healing Room Muskoka

705-637-1841.  40 Manitoba Street.  Products:  liquid honey, blended honey, lip balms, beeswax candles, honey soap. 



Clark's On Main

705-635-1696.  1090 Main Street.  Products:  liquid honey.



Dwight Market & Pharmacy

705-635-2551.  2836 Highway 60.  Products:  liquid honey (several sizes)

Dwight Public Library

705-635-3319.  1014 Dwight Beach Road.  Products:  liquid honey (several sizes).  A portion of all sales is donated to The Friends of the Dwight Library.

Dwight Trading Post

705-635-1055.  2825 Highway 60.  Products:  liquid honey.

Logging Chain Lodge Cottages

705-635-2575.  2840 Highway 60.  Products:  All - this is our home location.

Webster's Beacon 705-635-2403.  Corner of Highway 60 and Highway 35.  Products:  liquid honey.



Relish Kitchen & Market

705-826-3968.  240 Muskoka Road North.  Products:  liquid honey.



Affogato Cafe & Gelato

705-784-9998.  72 Main Street (riverfront entrance).  Products:  chef prepared items.

Arrowhead Provincial Park

705-789-5105.  The Park Store-451 Arrowhead Park Road.  Products:  liquid honey.

Deerhurst Resort

705-789-6411. 1235 Deerhurst Drive. (General Store) Products:  gift sizes of liquid honey and blended honey.

Farmer's Daughter

705-789-5700.  118 Highway 60.  Products:  liquid honey and Chef prepared yummies.

Huntsville Brewhouse

705-789-7931.  59 Main Street East.  Products:  Chef prepared meals.

Main Street Local Kitchen

705-789-5704.  24 Main Street East.  Products:  Chef prepared meals and gift sized honey.

Muskoka North Good Food Co-Op 705-380-1017.  1 Crescent Road.  Products:  liquid honey (several sizes).



The Gamble Farm Store

705-385-6242.  445 South Mary Lake Road.  Products:  liquid honey (several sizes).



Rosseau General Store

705-732-4479.  1 Rice Street.  Products:  liquid honey (several sizes).