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Retail Partners


As we prepare to build & open our new store in 2023, we are starting to reduce the number of our retail partners to ensure enough product is available directly from us to you!



Falconridge Farms

705-645-7905  At various local farmers markets, Chef prepared honey sausages.

Morandin Fine Foods & Catering

705-764-8065.  At various local farmers markets.  Chef prepared meals.

Muskoka Natural Food Market

705-645-5471.  229 Manitoba Street.  Products:  liquid honey (several sizes).




Dwight Market & Pharmacy

705-635-2551.  2836 Highway 60.  Products:  liquid honey (several sizes)

Dwight Public Library

705-635-3319.  1014 Dwight Beach Road.  Products:  liquid honey (several sizes).  A portion of all sales is donated to The Friends of the Dwight Library.

Dwight Trading Post

705-635-1055.  2825 Highway 60.  Products:  liquid honey.

Logging Chain Lodge Cottages

705-635-2575.  2840 Highway 60.  Products:  All - this is our home location.


Affogato Cafe & Gelato

705-784-9998.  72 Main Street (riverfront entrance).  Products:  chef prepared items.

Arrowhead Provincial Park

705-789-5105.  The Park Store-451 Arrowhead Park Road.  Products:  liquid honey.

Deerhurst Resort

705-789-6411. 1235 Deerhurst Drive. (General Store) Products:  gift sizes of liquid honey and blended honey.

Farmer's Daughter

705-789-5700.  118 Highway 60.  Products:  liquid honey and Chef prepared yummies.

Muskoka North Good Food Co-Op 705-380-1017.  1 Crescent Road.  Products:  liquid honey (several sizes).



Rosseau General Store

705-732-4479.  1 Rice Street.  Products:  liquid honey (several sizes).